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A little about me:
I'm a Xennial. I share my life with a Lion, a husky and a toddler. I function mostly on coffee and spite.  I'm a Taurus with Aquarius rising.  Also, I'm half Mexican, half Costa Rican and I spoke only Spanish until kindergarten.

I was raised in Southeast LA, went to high school in Hollywood and stayed there for 20 years working crazyass service jobs, figuring out my art, and making delightfully bad decisions before moving my ass back to the 'hood to undo all that damage, ha.

My work has been displayed in galleries and group shows across the United States and Mexico, including Arte Americas in Sacramento and Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney, Anaheim.  I've been a featured artist at Comikaze Convention LA and with RAWartists Hollywood.

I updated my art instagram often : @serpenthes.ink
as well as my tiktok: @serpenthes

no twitter because fuck elon musk

cheers for reading all that xo - G